editing disabled

The most important thing to know about me is that I love learning and I love teaching! Those two things are my passion in life.

I am married and live in Newtown with my husband (Dan), my two Portuguese Water Dogs (Addie & Ahna.)


I have tried many different careers on my way to finding what I was meant to do. Right out of college I worked on Wall Street in New York City. Then, I worked at a travel agency. Next up was nursing where I spent many years. I worked with Alzheimer patients and people with brain injuries. Towards the end of my nursing career, I began to teach Spanish at a local preschool. I discovered that I loved teaching children. I have been teaching ever since.

My husband, Dan, works in Newtown. We met during our time at St. Joseph's University and he is a very, VERY big basketball fan. He also loves to cycle and do triathalons.

My older son, Patrick, graduated from Penn State. He loves baseball and is hoping to work at a sports complex soon. He has a dog named Guiness.

My younger son, Brendan, graduated from St. Joseph's University. He works in Philadelphia as a forensic accountant. He played Rugby in school.

You know that I love learning and teaching but I also love technology. I think it is really cool that I can collaborate with people all over the world. I also enjoy gardening, knitting, traveling, and reading.