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This page shows the reults of the students' primary poll in our school's 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes.


McCain received 188 votes .....44% of all votes,
Barack Obama received 188 votes.....44% of all votes
Hillary Clinton received 56 votes........13% of all votes


Here are the results of the final vote counted on April 22nd - Pennsylvania's Primary Election Day


April 16, 2008: We are here at week three. This week only 345 people voted. We are not sure why our numbers are down so much. Are people getting frustrated? What do YOU think? Next week, on Monday we will collect the final votes. Will there be any drastic changes? Will there be any big news with tonight's debate at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia? Check back next week to see how Cold Spring votes.

Week Three : McCain 40% (-3%) Obama 46%(+1%) Clinton 14% (+2%)

April 10 Post:We noticed that our total votes dropped between week one (463) to week two (439.) We wanted to see if the fractional percentages of votes changed since we knew the vote totals for each candidate changed. A group of students compared the data using what we are learning in math: fractions, fractions to percents.
In week one, H Clinton received 15%, B Obama 43%, and J McCain 42% of the votes. In week two, H Clinton received 12%, B Obama 45%, and J McCain 43%. The changes do not seem to be what our teacher calls "statistically significant."

Our class will be studying the opinions of local 4th through 6th grades as the Pennsylvania presidential primary approaches. We wonder if people's opinions will change as the candidates run more ads. Check back here to see what we, and our peers, think

April 7, 2008: Our graph looks very similar. It is still a close call between McCain and Obama. Are there other candidates running?


March 31, 2008: We surveyed 463 4, 5, and 6th graders as to their opinions on the presidential candidates. As you can see from the graph, it is a close call between John McCain and Barack Obama.